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Mirror 34

Put a full rebrand in motion. That was our task from a revered video production company with decades of success under a name that no longer captured what they now offered. With one location in Madison, Wisconsin and another in Los Angeles, California, there was a new story to tell. Complete with developing a new name to capture it—which is another story itself. One that would make our high school geography teachers proud.

CLIENT:Mirror 34
INDUSTRY:Video Production
SERVICES:Rebranding • Website • Collateral • Promotional Material

The geography of naming

Naming is a landscape of many challenges. Detours, roadblocks and dead ends can throw ideas off course. Or, be used like a compass. Pointing us to look deeper and closer to uncover a clearer direction. Such was the case with the naming of Mirror 34. With locations in Madison, Wisconsin and Los Angeles, California how could a name tie them together? Be ownable? And become the ideal evolution of an existing brand? Well, Los Angeles is latitude 34 degrees. Madison is latitude 43 degrees. Course set.

Mirror 34 Productions logo design
Metal business card design for Mirror 34 Productions that doubles as a lanyard
Presentation design completed for Mirror 34 Productions
Responsive website design for Mirror 34 Productions
Label design for Mirror 34 Productions' promotional beer, After Glow

That's a wrap (and a pour)

Promotional products tend to be similar across industries. But having your own brand of beer? Well, you’re not going to find that in any catalog. And so we brought together Mirror 34 and another client, Next Door Brewing, to develop Pre Pro After Glow. A delicious blonde ale perfect for celebrating the completion of a production, or whetting the decision-making whistle of a potential client. Cheers to that.

Promotional t-shirt designs for Mirror 34 Productions
Mirror 34 Productions hat