Packaging Design

I bought it because I loved the packaging. You’ve probably heard a friend say that. Or, have said it yourself. It’s true. Packaging when done well can stop customers in their tracks. Draw them into choosing your wares over those of your competition. Not to mention, be quite the spokesperson for your brand.

That’s why your packaging is a key part of your trade dress. An ownable structure, look, tone and feel that shines from the shelf and is recognized instantly with a passing glance.

That’s what you want, that’s what we can deliver.

We’ve developed packaging for brands and products that built brand recognition and increased sales— from toys, candy, beer to CBD edibles and grooming products. For a singular product to a family of them. Skillfully blending design, color palettes, iconography, copywriting and required content (ahem, barcodes) while using our relationships and expertise in printing and production to bring it all to life. Ready to make a sale.

And that, folks, is why packaging matters.