Website Design & Development

We don’t need to tell you the importance of having a website (at least we shouldn’t have to). But the importance of having a website that’s technically savvy, creatively content rich, navigated intuitively and connected for search, well, we could go on and on. Fortunately, we’ll spare you the lecture and just get to it.

Whether a five-page website or a robust ecommerce juggernaut, the principles of developing a website that works hard apply. The platform, the design, the development and curation of the content from copy to visuals, the navigation, accessibility, the forces that help propel sites above others in searches including Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…all need to be working together and appropriately dialed into search engines and your brand.

Now, let’s talk ADA compliance. With the 2018 WSAG 2.1 guidelines formally published into law, is your current website accessible to all? If not, a discussion on what ADA compliance levels may mean to your current website or a new one to be developed would be prudent. Defining how compliance affects content, structure, code and design (to name a few) is crucial to delivering a site that can best meet your brand standards and level of ADA compliance.

Yes, there is much that goes into the development of a website. And what your website says about you, and importantly, can do for you requires both a technically and creatively comprehensive approach. One that starts with a conversation.