Digital Marketing

Achieving numbers through the ones and zeros. That’s the goal and our digital marketing mission for you. From Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to dynamic display advertising to review management, let’s talk about the bits that get you the bites.

Search Engine Marketing – The technical and the creative, these two forces that drive successful SEM start with knowing the landscape you’ll be competing in. What are the search words and terms, what are the keywords, what are competitors doing and where are they positioning in searches? From these findings our SEM team determines the buy and messaging directions for your ads. Strategically bidding to not only rise in search but help to achieve lower than average click through costs. Even convert a search for a competitor into a click through for you. Yes, we can do that.

And as your SEM plan is in play, we analyze the data to determine any changes in search words and terms behavior, what ads are performing best, what ads have run their course and when to add new ones. Keeping your SEM fresh, effective, optimized.

Dynamic Display Advertising – Smart, engaging content and the power of Google. It’s tempting to leave our description of dynamic display advertising right there. But surely you want to know more. Dynamic display advertising is akin to a billboard that appears wherever your prospective customers travel on the digital highway. From a stop at their favorite shopping website to the game apps they play. Each message coming together from a cache of curated content that we provide Google. Fresh and trackable, on the spot and timely. Ideal for brand building and product promotion.

Review Management – For those of you who have an active review management process, you already understand. For those who don’t, it’s time to sing the praises of the under sung hero in the digital marketing world.

It’s not just about your rating (albeit that’s highly important), it’s also about the opportunities you have to engage with your customers, learn from your customers, promote yourself, increase your organic search and grow your business. And, yes, improve your rating.

Let’s talk about how we can effectively manage your reviews directly. Or, develop a review management program that helps you manage your reviews in-house. Either way, the stars are the limit on what we can do for you.