Social media management

More so, what we’re really talking about is social engagement. Because media is just the portal. Social is the engagement. And engagement is the content. And content is how the strategy and execution make the connection. So, let’s connect on your social media.

We develop and execute social strategies for a variety of clients. There is no one ‘like’ fits all. Content, timing, objectives and facilitation vary greatly. Most importantly, understanding what platforms and apps your audience engages with most (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok to emerging ones), watching how they engage, when they do and what they gravitate to is not only crucial, it’s an ongoing process.

And while a proper conversation with you about your social media is the first step, the following topics from our social media menu is a good place to begin.

Social Strategy – Is your objective to guide your internal staff on how to create and facilitate more engaging content that fits your brand (in other words, provide them with a social media playbook)? Or a strategy that will be executed and managed by Piston Mfg.? We work in both capacities (including a mixture of the two). Having developed Social Media Guides for client personnel to execute, to serving as a client’s social media marketing department.

Social Content – Be what your customer is interested in, not a disconnect to it. Social media strategies are most effective when you feed a consistent diet of authentic content that invites followers to participate in a conversation and share the experience with others. Executions in the form of graphics, animations, stories and timely topics to the text, @links and use of appropriate hashtags are also much of what will determine your social media’s success. At the end of the day, though, social is human. And that calls for businesses to be one.

Organic Posting and Calendar Management – Developing content is one thing. How much content is the right amount to post and when is the right time to post it are other matters. Fear not. This is achieved with another dive into the data, where we can put the thumb on the amount and timing that’s right for your business. And from there, develop the social media calendar that will keep you tracking and engaged.

Paid Social Posts – Looking to broaden your audience beyond your organic reach? Sure thing. But first, let’s determine what that means. Boosting organic posts? Developing sponsored ads, campaigns? A combination of both? Be mindful that your organic social media plan won’t necessarily determine your paid social media strategy. And with most paid social posts, the rules are different than they are for organic social posts. So what we have here, then, is another fear not moment. We’ll lay out a plan that’ll determine the direction of the content and budget of the buys while managing the calendaring and coordination of the posts. And, again, analyze the data to continually to optimize the plan.

Piston Connext™ – If the management of your social media is enough to make you socially withdrawn, then let’s plug you into Piston Connext. Connext is our proprietary social media platform. A next level tool that we use to save clients significant admin time, provide dynamic, meaningful analytics, monitor competitors and relevant hashtags and keywords, help create more captivating content, and keep on top of a variety of social sites and apps (from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn) while enabling us to publish, direct message and respond to comments all in one place. And that’s just to name a few of the benefits. For social that’ll keep your customers talking, let’s Connext.