Catalog Design & Development

A catalog presents your customers with something the digital world simply can’t duplicate: a tactile journey. A chance to mingle with their senses. Touch, physical engagement, feel of ownership and the simple pleasure of interacting with something real. In hand. From the cover inviting them to experience your brand to each turn of the page revealing products that speak to their needs and values.

Providing that experience while reinforcing your brand’s difference and place in the world is how we view catalog development. A view that our team has cultivated from having worked on catalogs for brands like Mattel, American Girl, Erehwon and GRESSCO to name a few.

But we should be clear that catalog development is a team sport. Requiring a coordinated partnership between you and us on all aspects, from page planning to print ready files. With that process in place the outcome makes for a whole lot of happy people.

We love us a great catalog. And if it’s your goal to create one, let’s book a time to discuss.