SEO - Organic Search Marketing

With hundreds of thousands of monthly search engine queries for terms related to your business and products, how do you rank?  Knowing your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to position you for the best organic search visibility is the foundation of not just performing well—but outperforming in the online world.

So, where to begin? Ideally, Search Engine Optimization is part of any new website development. Baked right into the design from the ground up. But what if you’re not in a position to build a new site? What can be done with a site that’s currently living on the web?

SEO Audit: In short, this is the truth of where your site is delivering SEO and where’s it’s lacking. And as with the majority of audits we’ve done, the reality is far more in the latter category than the former. Through our SEO audit of your site we will provide you with the insights, data and action plan to optimize your search performance.  Starting with the 3 pillars of SEO—technical optimization, content optimization and inbound links & site authority—we peel back the digital layers of your business’s website performance and present proven solutions.

SEO Implementation: Ok, now you know what needs to be done. But who gets it done? Well, we can. Or we can work with your staff to guide them through the process. Having worked with smaller businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we are flexible with how to keep your website’s finger on the pulse of organic search best practices.

From canonical tags to your linking strategy, we’ll help you know what you need to know about keeping your customers in the know.