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Hound's Head

One man, one ambitious plan: develop a line of grooming products for men that made no apologizes for being a man—or excuses for the comical absurdities inherent to walking around as one. From brand development to packaging to working the booth at a car show, put the pedal to the metal of groom. Vroom.

CLIENT:Hound's Head
INDUSTRY:Men's care products
SERVICES:Branding • Packaging • Advertising

Same breed different spots

Let’s talk logo. Or, should we say logos. With so many application needs from digital, apparel, labels and packaging to name a few, it’s important to think flexibility when it comes to logo development. From developing a family of marks to modifying a main mark to work better with the limitations of various applications such as done with Hound’s Head. Sometimes there’s more than one way to skin a…well, logo.

Hounds Head full color logo design
Hounds Head single color logo design
Package Design
Grooming Tool Kit

For Men

Packaging design for Hounds Head product, The Grooming Tool Kit for Men
Packaging design for Hound's Head Mouth Wash, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Nose Trimmer, and Anti Chafing Powder
Packaging design for Hound's Head Mouth Wash, Toothpaste, Anti Chafing Powder, and Nose Trimmer

A bark with bite

The voice. As important to any brand as the look. In fact, the voice sets the tone of a brand. Defines the brand’s attitude, personality and connection to the customer. Whether printed or spoken, the voice is increasingly more important in today’s crowded, and sometimes loudly similar sounding spaces. So as we did with Hound’s Head, let’s embrace your truth and voice it proudly.

Back side of The Grooming Tool Kit for Men's packaging for Hounds Head
Point of Purchase
Father's Day promotional poster for Hound's Head's The Grooming Tool Kit For Men