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Madison Chocolate Co.

Ok…chocolate. Choooooocolate. Well, heck, that just sells itself, right? Heck, yeah, if it’s made by Madison Chocolate Company. But you know, having packaging worthy of the exquisite confectionary that awaits within it doesn’t hurt. After all, when working with passionate people whose labor of love is innovating and perfecting one of the most beloved delights in the world, you best present it accordingly.

CLIENT:Madison Chocolate Co.
INDUSTRY:Food and Drinks
SERVICES:Label Design • Marketing • Copywriting

Chocolate Goodness

Madison Chocolate Company truffle packaging
Madison Chocolate Company fruit bark packaging
Madison Chocolate Company candied lemon peel packaging

Patterning a brand

With so many application opportunities, brand marks need to work harder than ever before. One way to get the most out of a mark is to develop an extended family of assets from it. We saw a great opportunity to do just that by expanding MCC’s brand identity with a signature pattern. Deconstructing the MCC mark to create a repeating unit of shapes that not only captured the spirit of the brand, but also offered endless opportunities for application and colorways. Now that’s sweet.