Client Works

Deco and Foundry

When is an apartment more than, well, an apartment? When it’s developed by LZ Ventures and managed by LZ Management. Unique, detailed and thoughtfully designed for lifestyles and not just for living. A solid foundation from which a defining story can be built upon. Because at the end of the day, DECO and Foundry are more than apartments. They are brands.

CLIENT:LZ Management
INDUSTRY:Luxury Apartments
SERVICES:Branding • Advertising • Website • Social Media • Digital Marketing • Direct Mail • Environmental Graphics
Responsive website design for Deco Apartments
Deco Apartments website billboard
Deco Apartments now open billboard
Deco Apartments now open billboard
Social Media
Facebook carousel advertisement for Deco apartments grand opening
Print Material
Folder design for Deco apartments

Let's be direct

With the exciting, dynamic world of social media and digital marketing there’s a tendency to relegate traditional tactics to the marketing scrapheap. #notsofast. While digital has created undeniably vital channels to reach customers, strategically mixing in the ol’ tried and true can measurably increase a campaign’s effectiveness. Such is the case with Deco, where direct mail continues to be attributed to the signing of new leases. So while engagement, shares, search position on the page, click-throughs and subject lines for an inbox have become vital to one’s marketing efforts, let’s not forget that a coordinated, creative mix can easily put sales in the mailbox.

Direct mail design for Deco Apartments
Exterior view of Foundry Apartments
Large metal logo signage hanging in the Foundry Apartments lobby