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Chase Lumber

1897. Let that sink in a bit. Because that’s how long Chase Lumber has been doing business. Particularly striking is that they have done so by not changing. Straight answers, high quality products, dedication to the customer and commitment to the communities they serve remain the mission today as it did the first day. Supporting those brand attributes through an everchanging marketing landscape is our mission…and if we’re lucky, for the next 123 years.

CLIENT:Chase Lumber
INDUSTRY:Building Materials
SERVICES:Advertising • Social Media • Digital Marketing • Website
Responsive website design for Chase Lumber
Co-Op Radio Commercials

Co-op the name drop

Co-op advertising can be an economical way to share in the task of building brands and growing a business. But coupling brands to accomplish those goals requires a creative blend of the vendor’s requirements and our client’s own needs—while selling the benefits of both…in 30 seconds. Tricky? Sure. But when done well, a mutual gain. And who wouldn’t cooperate for that?

Print Campaign
Full page magazine advertisement design featuring a beautiful cabin styled deck
Full page magazine advertisement design featuring a home's windows shot from a low angle
Full page magazine advertisement design featuring a newly designed kitchen
Chase Lumber billboard
Image TV