Piston MFG Career Information.


We are currently looking to fill a creative internship with a side emphasis on social media. We hear that’s the future. So, if you’re blessed with burgeoning design skills, enjoy social media and desire to learn more, can concept and explore ideas with a group as well as on your own, can motivate yourself at home if called upon to work at home (damn COVID), can work at a desk with a window that oversees the first hole of a golf course without staring at the players all day, can tell a joke, take a joke, not be a joke (that’s a joke)…then send your portfolio and a bit about yourself to plugs@pistonmfg.com.

NOTE: This is a non-paying position but does come with a weekly stipend for travel expenses.

Full Time Positions

We do not have an opening at this time. But we are always open to take a look at talent. Be it in creative, account service, strategy, digital, social, new business or unicorn. If interested in letting us know how very sorry we’d be for not bringing you on at this time, please send your resume, portfolio (if applicable) and insight into what makes you the you that you are to plugs@pistonmfg.com.