Client Works

X01 and Grand Central

Exceptional living in the heart of the college experience. If ever an elevator story was necessary for X01 and Grand Central that would be it. Our charge on the other hand is to help tell and support the full story about these luxury and iconic student apartments located smack dab in the middle of the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Live like a CEO before you get your MBA? Oh…to be a college student, again.

CLIENT:LZ Management
INDUSTRY:Student Apartments
SERVICES:Branding • Advertising • Website • Social Media • Digital Marketing • Email Marketing • Direct Mail • Event Planning • Environmental Graphics • Marketing Specialties

The mark for the spot

Take a walk down University Avenue on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and you won’t need a map to find exceptional on campus living. Big, bold and encapsulating the cool, urban vibe that X01 offers its residents. To the brand this mark is spot on.

X01 logo design
Responsive website design for X01 Luxury Apartments
Social Media Ad Campaign
Facebook carousel advertisement for X01 Apartment's open house
Print Campaign
X01 print ad design
X01 print ad design
X01 print ad design

The icon for the icon

Classic as it is iconic, Grand Central broke the mold and brought luxury student living to the middle of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. For the logo, capturing that promise of both unique beauty and unrivaled location was the goal. And with all points leading to and from Grand Central, the direction of the design was clear.

Grand Central logo design
Responsive website design for Grand Central Apartments
Social Media Campaign
Facebook carousel advertisement for Grand Central Apartment's open house
Advertising Poster Series
Grand Central print ad
Grand Central print ad
Grand Central print ad
Resident appreciation program

Little things build a brand

Customer appreciation, or in this case, resident appreciation. It’s not lip service from LZ Management. In working with the LZ team, together we have developed apparel giveaways, events and welcome packages for residents throughout their properties. It’s the extra effort that stands them apart from their competition and says that here a resident is more than a unit number.

X01 branded welcome package containing a thank you card and candy
Eats and Beats logo design

Event planning & branding

When it comes to college students, free food and music are a natural fit. Add free bowling and rock climbing at one of the more popular student venues on campus and you get Eats and Beats. A festive event we developed with LZ Management specifically to welcome residents of Grand Central and X01. From naming and logo design to event planning and development of promotional materials, we helped LZ usher in not only a fall semester tradition but set the tone for the creation of other events to follow. Events that bolster the Grand Central and X01 brands while becoming brands themselves.

Sticker design created for Grand Central and X01 featured on a student's laptop